Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Watchlist: Nax of the Universe

Title: Nax of the Universe
Developer: Raonak Games
Platforms: PC
Release planned for 2014
Nax of the Universe. It's an Action RPG, taking heavy inspiration from the Devil May Cry games. The combat is fast, fluid and deep, but it'll also be backed up by RPG mechanics. Stats, leveling up, loot drops, elements, magic, status conditions.

Following the surreal journey of the titular Nax on his quest to save the universe from a coming apocalypse, Nax of the Universe promises colorful pixel graphics with the fast-paced stylish combat of games like Devil May Cry and the depth and loot of an action RPG. Players will have bevy of moves, special attacks, primary weapons, and sub weapons at their disposal as well as magical abilities, upgrades, and stats. A style meter rewards mixing up attacks and big combos with bonus experience and more loot.
I was able to play an early alpha demo and even at this early stage, Nax's combat feels incredibly polished and fun. You can swap weapons on the fly, activate special moves and block with ease, and you just feel powerful after executing a stylish combo. The pixel graphics and animations are charming and just as impressive, with great little details such as how Nax draws his energy blade from its sheath when attacking.
Nax of the Universe is planned to be released sometime in 2014 and you can follow the game's progress on Raonak Games' Twitter page.

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