Sunday, October 6, 2013

PC Spotlight #20: Gravity Bomb

Title: Gravity Bomb
Developer: Mark Zimmerman
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $2.49
What makes a game stand out? Jaw dropping visuals, fun satisfying gameplay, a smart narrative, something more? Personally I've always valued gameplay above all else. Some may overlook Gravity Bomb at a glance, but they'd be missing out. Gravity Bomb is a fun challenging puzzle platformer that uses its mechanics in many varied ways.

At its most basic level, Gravity Bomb might be closest to a game like Inverto, in that you shoot special surfaces to alter gravity and reach each level's exit. But while Inverto is focused on first person spatial puzzles, Gravity Bomb marries its mechanics with 2D precision platforming. Across 69 levels, players must leap, wall jump, fall, and gravity-swap around various hazards and tricky environments. 
Every few levels, new elements are introduced, each one adding more complexity and used in interesting ways. Levels even allow for multiple strategies; through mastery of your abilities and quick reflexes, you can shave entire seconds off your completion times. While Gravity Bomb is not the most visually impressive game, I found using the gravity shot to be quite satisfying. Hard to reach stars and a level editor give the game some replayability.
For only $2.49, I believe Gravity Bomb is a worthwhile purchase. It's an inventive platformer that tests your skills and while it's not the longest game, what's there is polished and just a lot of fun. You can buy Gravity Bomb on Desura and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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