Thursday, October 10, 2013

IOS Spotlight #16: Duet

Title: Duet
Developer: Kumobius
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $2.99
From Kumobius, the developers behind Time Surfer and Bean's Quest, comes Duet. It's a simple name that mirrors its minimalist aesthetic and challenging co-dependent gameplay.
Across nine stages (each separated into a number of waves) as well as an endless mode, you control a pair of spheres, one blue, one red, forever linked. Holding the sides of the screen rotates the duo clockwise or counter-clockwise around the circumference of their circle, allowing you to dodge the increasingly difficult waves of obstacles. Duet is not as twitchy as a game like Super Hexagon and feels more like a fast paced puzzle game as you learn the correct pattern to avoid each obstacle.
Duet's minimal style works extremely well. The contrast between your spheres and the environment means you're always aware of your position and each failure leaves colored splat where you hit. Not only does this is visually cool, it's a reminder of how and where you made a mistake, helping you improve. The game even has a slight Thomas Was Alone vibe, thanks to the lines of dialogue that appears on the screen that provide Duet with a slight narrative thread

You can purchase Duet for $2.99.

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