Friday, October 18, 2013

IOS Spotlight #22: Turret Tilt

Title: Turret Tilt
Developer: Austin Patten
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: Free
Turret Tilt is a stylish fun arcade shooter that offers simple controls and challenging gameplay with some tactical depth.
Through a mix of tilt and touch controls, you aim your turret at the bottom of the screen as waves of ships, enemies, and projectiles close in. Some fire bullets and rockets or just charges at your turret, while others act as mini-bosses. Luckily you have a wide range of upgradable weaponry at your disposal, from machine guns and lasers to shotguns, saw blades, and more. Pick-ups grant you the ability to fire rockets, drop mines, detonate screen-clearing nukes, and restock ammo, and a shield power allows you to strategically protect against damage. You can equip any four ammo types at a time, allowing to adjust and fine-tune your preferred style.
Turret Tilt will challenge you across an endless Marathon mode and a more structured Conquest mode. Stats and leaderboards track your progress and even there is IAP, it's totally unnecessary to enjoy the game. You can download Turret Tilt for free.

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