Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PC Spotlight #26: LogiGun

Title: LogiGun
Developer: Sodium Eyes
Platforms: PC
Price: $9.99
Yes, LogiGun features a woman solving a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. Yes, you use a special gun (four, actually) to solve those puzzles. Yes, there's an AI presense that occasionally taunts you. But don't overlook LogiGun because it has some Portal inspirations. LogiGun has its own style and will test your brain with its own gauntlet of varied challenging puzzles.
LogiGun doesn't reveal its hand all at once. The tutorial rooms ease you in with some switches and pressure-activated buttons and blocks, introducing you to the guns you'll wield throughout the game. Your character has quite arsenal of puzzle solving tools: a wrist mounted electronic zapper, a grapple hook gun, a gun that creates a pair of platforms to jump on, a gravity gun that can attract or repel objects, and a flame-tipped crossbow that can activate switches and arc around corners. Certain factors limit your use of the tools and add complexity to the conundrums; for example, the platform gun can only be used while on solid ground, which forces you to preemptively think about their placement.
LogiGun takes these elements and tools and throws a wide range of puzzles your way, requiring you to use these guns' functions in inventive ways. Explosives, barriers that only allow certain objects to pass through, gas that restricts platforms, and more build upon the already complex challenges. Furthermore, the game only offers the slightest hints to guide you. Gamers who enjoy figuring out solutions for themselves without handholding will feel right at home with LogiGun.
There are some flaws. It can become cumbersome to switch between your various gadgets and the jumping is floaty, but thankfully the game's emphasis is on the puzzles, not difficult platforming. LogiGun's clean visuals round out the package, with smooth animations and atmospheric lighting that give the game a unique look.
LogiGun is a quality puzzle platformer that puts the emphasis on brain-teasing challenges. You can buy the game from the developer's site or Desura and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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