Friday, October 25, 2013

IOS Spotlight #25: Deadly Bullet

Title: Deadly Bullet
Developer: Monobrow Games
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: Free
More often than not, a free game on IOS means trudging through timers, paywalls, ads and other elements that have come to define "freemium." Such games have been a huge success in terms of profit, but it's a practice frowned upon by many players. Yet Deadly Bullet has neither of those aspects. Made by Tommi Saalasti, the one man team behind Monobrow Games, this is a game made as a hobby and for the joy of making games and it shows. Deadly Bullets is just a stylish, polished, and fun experience.
Framed as a rebellion against a powerful dystopian society, you control a single bullet, navigating the projectile through a variety of randomized environments and reducing enemies to blood splatters. The controls are tight - tap left to turn left, right to turn right - and responsive, allowing you to weave down alleys, between buildings, and around corners with ease. By killing enemies and destroying objects, you gain XP that allows you to enter the next zone and level up. You earn a point every time you level up, used to unlock power-up upgrades, new areas, an XP doubler, and more. It's a simple game but all those elements combine to make something fun and satisfying. Threading your way between mines, stringing together an enemy-splattering combo, and narrowly avoiding a wall just feels exciting and the Hotline Miami-inspired aesthetic gives the Deadly Bullet a stylish look and great music.
The developer plans to expand the game with new enemies (next is rocket launcher-wielding goons), bosses, secondary objectives, and more in future updates. You can download Deadly Bullets for free.

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