Friday, October 18, 2013

PC Spotlight #29: Soundodger+

Title: Soundodger+
Developer: Studio Bean
Platforms: PC
Price: $7.99
We've seen a wide variety of music-generated games, from Audiosurf's roller-coaster, color-matching thrill rides to Beat Hazard's dual-stick, retina-melting action. Studio Bean's Soundodger+ puts you right in the midst of the soundtrack and turns music into bullet hell madness.
Originally released as an Adult Swim flash game, Soundodger+ comes to Steam with even more tracks, with music from artists such as Disasterpiece and Jasper Byrne. The hand-crafted campaign drops the player into a circular arena, ringed by a number of bullet-spewing turrets. And once the music starts, you only have one goal: dodge the music. Easier said, than done when dozens of projectiles fill the screen, firing in sync with the soundtrack. Your only advantage is the ability to slow time, but even that crutch is best used in short intervals, as turrets fire even faster while slow motion is activated. The game controls extremely well with a mouse, allowing for the quick reactions and movements needed to thread your way between bullets and through closing gaps.
If you don't to play through the campaign, you can also auto-generate levels based on your own songs and music (only MP3 files are supported at the moment). A detailed level editor allows you to fine-tune and craft your own musical bullet hells to play and share. Soundodger+ will appeal to the fans of games like Super Hexagon or Raidangames' Fireball and while it may get repetitive for some, the evasive gameplay and suberb soundtracks is always challenging and fun. You can purchase Soundodger+ on Steam.

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