Saturday, October 19, 2013

PC Spotlight #30: Koya Rift

Title: Koya Rift
Developer: SunnyKatt
Platforms: PC
Price: $3.99
Sometimes games slip through the cracks, due to a lack of exposure and attention. Koya Rift was released in 2011 and has been on Steam Greenlight since its inception in 2012. It's yet another game that seems to have been overlooked, overshadowed, which is a shame because Koya Rift is stylish, frenetic fun.
Humanity searches for new planets to colonize. On one such suitable planet, a hostile race of "phantoms" guard the word with ruthless attacks and powerful weaponry. These foes are too dangerous for a human to face so they send remotely controlled drone suits known as Lancers to combat this threat. Piloting one of these Lancer, your goal is to descend into the subterranean maze of caverns and tunnels and destroy the crystals that give the phantoms life.
Before going into Koya Rift, it should be noted that the game is inherently repetitive. The underground maps can feel much too similar after a while and the game as a whole is best played in short bursts to get the optimal experience. That said, those short bursts of play are always fast paced and exciting. You embark from your surface base, maybe setting down turrets or purchasing drones to defend it from nighttime attacks, and then descend underground. Your Lancer telekinetically wields a number of different weapons, each with randomly generated functions: spread shot, phasing rounds, shots that slow down enemies or give your drones and yourself stat boosts, homing rounds, and more. Power-ups found below grant you shields, reinforcements, the ability to phase through walls, extra health and energy.
You'll need all these advantages, as the phantoms will attack ruthlessly from all directions. From phasing "gnats" to massive dual-headed Behemoths, the ghostly, dinosaur skull-esque phantoms sport a unique design and don't hesitate to strafe you with dozens of bullets. Battles become a hectic light show of laser fire as you, your army of droid helpers, and myriad phantoms exchange rounds in the tight passages and caves.
You'll face the phantom threat across a randomized battle mode and a map-clearing campaign. Koya Rift may not be the deepest or complex game, but it's fun and exciting, with a cool visual style, bullet hell madness, and difficulty that adjusts to your skill level. You can purchase Koya Rift on the developer's site or Desura and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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