Saturday, October 26, 2013

IOS Spotlight #26: Steampunk Tower

Title: Steampunk Tower
Developer: Dreamgate
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $0.99
The tower defense genre has a huge prescense on IOS, thanks to games such as FieldRunners, Sentinel, and Plants vs Zombies. Steampunk Tower may not be the most innovative TD game but it's fun and has its own style that makes it a game worthy of your device.
The key difference is that you only have one tower under your command; you choose which turrets to deploy and which tier and side to place them. I felt that this difference gave the game a more intimate feel compared to other TD games; you're not watching the battle from above, it's you and your tower against a multitude of enemy forces. Turrets range from saw blade cannons to machine guns to rocket launchers and each can be upgraded. For example you can research incendiary ammo for your machine guns or double barrels for double the firepower. The simple silhouetted enemies come in various shapes and sizes, from the common troopers who are easily decapitated by your blades to armored trucks and weaponized walkers. Strategy lies in chooses which side and tier to place the best turret and when to draw the turret back to reload. Waiting too long can leave one side severely unprotected while a critical turret reloads so choose wisely and plan ahead. Special abilities like an enemy-obliterating laser and EMP pulse round out your options.
Steampunk Tower is set across 15 levels and 5 challenge maps and the chaos onscreen only increases with each battle. The steampunk aesthetic gives the game a cool stylish look and the gameplay is fun and challenging. You can purchase Steampunk Tower for $0.99.

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