Thursday, October 3, 2013

PC Spotlight #17: Tower of Guns

Title: Tower of Guns
Developer: Terrible Posture Games
Platforms: PC
Price: $7.50 ($5.62 for a limited time)
Some games can be neatly categorized into a genre. Others encompass so many elements that a single genre can't contain them. Tower of Guns is one of the latter. Mix a twitchy FPS, a roguelike, and some bullet hell in a steampunk blender and you'd get the wild frenetic Tower of Guns.
Pick your gun, pick your perk, and go. Skills and reflexes are your only allies once you enter the fast frantic world of Tower of Guns. Blowing away enemies drops health and weapons upgrades; getting hurt not only damages you but also reduces the level of your weapon. Evasion and quick aiming is key to survival.
And you'll need every extra weapon boost, mod, power up, item, and as much loot as you can acquire to survive the chaotic onslaught that awaits you within the titular Tower. Each playthrough offers randomized levels and enemies to blast away and the chaos only increases with each room. Dozens of bullets, ricocheting saw blades, cannon balls, hovering drones, rolling spiked balls, and more relentlessly attack en masse. Luckily with the right perks and power ups, you can be a triple jumping badass wielding a mine throwing shotgun who doesn't take fall damage. Enough to survive? Maybe...
Tower of Guns is still in alpha, just over 50% completed, but the current version is still very much worth a purchase. It's fast, frantic, and just wild fun. You can buy Tower of Guns here or vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.
Special thanks to Flippfly for their NotOnSteam Sale and bringing attention to incredible indie games like Tower of Guns. 

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