Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Watchlist: Light

Title: Light
Developer: Just A Pixel
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Releasing in 2014
A balanced mix between Hitman, Gunpoint, Payday, Monaco and Subversion.
Just A Pixel's upcoming Light instantly stands out due to its blend of simple geographic figures and high-tech blueprint-esque environments. The game promises to combine varied stealth mechanics with hacking abilities that open up a wide range of tactics and scenarios from bank robberies and disguised infiltrations to "hijacking the communication points to distract/mislead the guards" and stealing corporate secrets. Your character is fragile, but fast and resourceful, able to locate enemies by their footsteps, stealthily eliminate sentries, drag bodies out of sight (or leave them as a distraction for others). A line of sight system promotes cautious and planning and adds tension to the gameplay
The developers released an short demo of the game on their Kickstarter campaign to give potential backers of sense of Light's mechanics and gameplay. I found the demo to be fun and very promising and the hacking ability - now used to remote control doors and disable cameras - has the potential for myriad tactics and strategies in the full game. Light has only four days left to be funded so if you're intrigued by the game's high tech strategic stealth, you can back it on Kickstarter here.

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