Sunday, October 27, 2013

PC Spotlight #38: 3089

Title: 3089
Developer: phr00t
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $14.99 (on sale for $9.89)
When one utters "first person shooter", perhaps the first thought is that of Call of Duty or maybe Bioshock or Half Life. 3089 takes the shooting genre and infuses it with an expansive worlds, a wide range of player choice, RPG elements, and an interesting style to create a fun experience.
3089 may not wow you with photo-realistic graphics, but its angular polygonal look allows for an open procedurally-generated world with a style all its own. That's not to say that the world feels dead; day comes and goes, clouds move across the sky, rain pours, lightning flashes. The same style is applied to the enemies as well, offering the play a wide range of robotic foes from simple bipedal enemies to towering walkers. You fight these enemies across sunlit fields, craggy mountain ranges, sprawling deserts, and more/
What I found most enjoyable about 3089 is the depth of customization and tactics available to the player. Build your weapons part by part to create the guns you want. Apply various armor pieces that augment and compliment your stats. Be a stealthy warrior who freezes time to evade enemies. Traverse rooftops and trees with your trusty grappling hook. Teleport around the battlefield and use a gravity gun to destroy your foes with explosives and debris. Weave between enemies on your hoverboard or take to the air and blow robots away from above. You can even build your own base, installing defenses and turrets to protect it.
3089 allows you to progress and improve your skills across RPG-style quests, or alongside your friends in co-op modes. The game is still in development, and features such as new mission types, weapons, and abilities are planned. You can purchase 3089 from the developer's site, Desura, and other stores and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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