Saturday, October 5, 2013

IOS Spotlight #12: Strata

Title: Strata
Developer: Graveck
Platforms: IOS Universal, PC, Mac
Price: $0.99
While Strata was released for PC and Mac (buy on Desura, vote on Greenlight) earlier this year, the game was always designed with mobile platforms in mind and now you can play this brain-teasing abstract puzzle game on IOS.
Your objective is simple: presented with a grid, you must fill each channel with a colored ribbon to match a pattern. The catch is that the color ribbon represented on the pattern must always be the top weave. You earn a rating of Perfect for achieving this feat on one try and while some may disagree, I don't think earning these ratings is trial and error. Strata is the best kind of puzzle game, the type where you can achieve perfection if you think about the mechanics. You can study the grid and envision how the ribbons will interact, how one move will affect the outcome three or five moves later, and once you place the first ribbon, the solution falls into place with some thought and analysis. The logical approach to the puzzles is incredibly rewarding and excels at making the player feel smart, especially when the grids grow in size and amount of colors.
On top of the brilliant puzzle mechanics, Strata is a masterful blend of minimalist audio and visuals. The design is such a natural fit for touchscreens in terms of its simplicity and the interplay between music and weaving creates a soothing relaxing atmosphere. For 0.99, Strata offers over 150 levels with another 150 available as IAP level packs. You can purchase Strata for IOS here.

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