Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PC Spotlight #16: Full Bore

Title: Full Bore
Developer: Whole Hog Games
Platforms: PC, Linux
Price: $11.99 (on sale for $5)
Nine months after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Whole Hog Games have released their puzzle adventure game Full Bore. It's a charming game that combines tricky block based puzzles with open world exploration and an interesting story.

You're just a lonely boar who finds himself trapped in the mysterious mining operation deep beneath the earth. Weird machinery and logs of anomalies hint at some unnatural happenings in the tunnels and bored out caverns and as your adventure progresses, the pieces slowly come together. The world of Full Bore is sprawling and expansive and quite pretty, stretching from dark lava filled depths to the sunny green surface; doorways found throughout the world lead to puzzle filled rooms and other areas. Puzzles revolve around pushing and manipulating blocks, each with their own properties and function, as well as exploring and digging your way to new areas. A wonderful lighting system gives each location its own atmosphere and ambiance.
Right now, purchasing Full Boar gives you the first half of the game, titled The First Dig, which offers about seven hours of puzzles and exploration. The second half will be added later in an update and will include even more diverse locations such as ancient trap filled temples, abandoned industrial ruins, and more of the surface wilderness. 
You can buy Full Bore from the developer's site here or on Desura and can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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