Sunday, October 27, 2013

PC Spotlight #39: Running With Rifles

Title: Running With Rifles
Developer: Modulattio Games
Platforms: PC, Linux
Price: $9.99
Can an indie title portray the chaos of war better than AAA shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield? Running With Rifles drops the player onto the frontlines and delivers intense tactical action.
In Running With Rifles, you are not special. You are not the super soldier who's going to defeat the enemy single-handedly. You're a no one, just another soldier who can get killed in an instant by a stray bullet or mortar fire. Life is short and when you die, you quickly respawn as another soldier. Set on a sprawling map across forests and towns and beaches, in bases and streets, you wage war on a living battlefield. Frontlines can shift, be reclaimed, then taken a day later.
The battles in RWR are hectic and ruthless. Charge in with your fellow soldiers, find cover, watch your flanks, call in air strikes and reinforcements. Each conflict is a street by street, corner by corner affair and the balance of power can change in an instant, maybe by your well-timed mortar or an enemy tank rolling around the corner. Men die quickly and easily, bullets fly in every direction, and cover is your greatest ally. There's an expansive amount of available tactics and variables to consider: attack at night to remain stealthy, crouch and go prone for improved accuracy, climb to a rooftop for a better vantage point, hijack vehicles for transportation, attack by sea using an inflatable raft, increase your rank to command a squad and plan out your assault, take out enemy communications to slow their efforts. The enemy AI won't rest either, understanding how to flank, take cover, and use higher ground to their advantage.
Running With Rifles is a challenging intense game when playing solo, but you can also work with or against other in online multiplayer, opening up even more strategies and co-operative tactics. RWR is still in development, with more weapons, equipment, and maps planned. You can purchase the game on Desura; it was also Greenlit over the summer.

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