Thursday, October 24, 2013

PC Spotlight #35: Tri

Title: Tri
Developer: Rat King Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $10
We've seen a lot of games where squares, rectangles, spheres, even hexagons have been given the spotlight. But the poor triangle is usually forgotten. Thankfully Tri gives the shape its day with a challenging puzzle platformer set in abstract environments and mechanics that offer a wide range of cool brain teasers.
Guided a ghostly monk, you set out to complete tasks in an attempt to defeat the mysterious Fox. Set in a surreal world of floating islands and Oriental-style temples, you search for special fox statues each level that unlock the exit. The game's key mechanic is the ability to create triangles. Using a simple three click system (one for each vertex), you draw triangles in the world. These shapes have a variety of uses from simple bridges to laser-reflecting surfaces to platforms that allow you to walk up walls and ceilings. It's up to you to explore the uses of your triangles across these open environments and the puzzles grow more complex and difficult throughout the campaign.
The world of Tri is interesting and intriguing to explore, with its twisting platforms, stylized architecture, and then dozens of your triangles across the land like some abstract art project. The colorful visuals and weird environments really add to the surreal atmosphere. Tri is still in beta, but is mostly finished (75% according to the developers); in fact it recently received an update that added 12 new levels. You can purchase Tri from the developer's site, Desura and other stores, and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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