Sunday, October 27, 2013

PC Spotlight #37: Fotonica

Title: Fotonica
Developer: Santa Ragione
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $4.99
If there's anything you can expect from a Santa Ragione game, it's style. His games may not be the deepest or most graphically advanced, but they're the type of games that lend credence to the "games as art" debate. You play these games for the visual design and atmosphere and Fotonica does not disappoint on those fronts.
Like its more recent cousin Mirrormoon EP, Fotonica is a simple game. Actually you only need one button to play. Hold to run and build momentum, release to jump, hold again for an accelerated landing. The gameplay is as simple as that. However the immense sense of speed as you rush forward, so fast that the world itself erupts into shining light and golden hues as if you've tore through some dimensional barrier, and the sense of immersion as the screen shakes with every landing and leap, makes the game feel that much more intense and thrilling.
But the highlight is the visuals. As you tear through each of the six multi-tiered lanes (four unlocked, one secret, and endless mode), you'll encounter an abstract world of shapes and wire-frame structures, unfolding before you from the darkness. Even more than the running and jumping, it's the longing to see what you'll discover next and what each world holds that will drive the player to continue playing.
Fotonica is not a long game or even a particularly difficult game, but that doesn't really matter. It's the experience and unique art style that makes the game feel special. You can purchase Fotonica from the developer's site or from Desura and other stores. The game was also recently Greenlit and will be coming to Steam soon.

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