Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No Money, No Problem: Futuridium

Title: Futuridium
Developer: Mixed Bag
Platforms: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad
Price: Free (PC, Mac), $1.99 (IOS)
Mixed Bag describes Futuridium as a "retro fast paced shoot’em up with a modern twist" but I think a shorter but equally apt description would be "Trench Run: the Game." Futuridium combines a stylish colorful art style and original electronic soundtrack with the thrill of close calls and skillful evasion.
The odds are stacked against you. You have only your ship and your lasers against massive dreadnaughts brimming with turrets and other obstacles. To destroy one, you must expose its core and to expose a core, you must destroy the numerous energy cubes scattered across, under, within these vessels. That's no easy task, especially when your own energy drops continuously. Remember the thrill of Luke's trench run from A New Hope? Futiridium captures that intensity and challenges you to thread your way between pillars, through narrow tunnels, under bridges, all while avoiding turret fire and lining up your own laser shots. It's a challenging game, that only increases the speed and difficulty each level. There are no upgrades, no last resort extra life; just you and your own skills, your own reflexes, and that ever-looming high score.
Futuridium's stylized look will attract your attention, but its thrilling challenge will keep you immersed for hours. You can download the game for free here or support the developers by buying the game on IOS. You can also vote for Futuridium on Steam Greenlight.

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