Thursday, October 17, 2013

IOS Spotlight #21: Neurokult

Title: Neurokult
Developer: Woodland Barbarians
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99
Neurokult falls into a rare group of games: easy to learn, difficult to master. The controls are incredibly easy, but the gameplay is a fast paced reflext testing action with a cyberspace twist.

Your goal is simply to hack into neurospace by "derezzing" different colored orbs as they move across the screen. You can tap orbs individually or drag to link combos. Bigger combos mean higher scores and keeping your energy meter up. Letting too many orbs pass off-screen costs you in energy and eventual failure. The twist is that you have to switch between different colors and avoid activating various hazards such as bombs and saw blades. All these elements combine to make a fast paced, reflex/finger-testing game. Neurokult quickly ramps up into a hectic addictive rush as you look for the best ways to clear the screen and avoid hazards. There's a level based campaign that gradually introduces new obstacles and even bosses as well as an unlockable endless mode. A pulsing soundtrack nicely complements the onscreen action.
Neurokult is a fun challenging game that's worth your time. Even better, it's a premium game with no IAP. You can purchase Neurokult for $1.99.

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