Sunday, November 3, 2013

PC Spotlight #42: Creeper World 3

Title: Creeper World 3
Developer: Knuckle Cracker
Platforms: PC, Mac
Price: $14.99
Tower defense is a genre that has spread and thrived on every platform, from Fieldrunners and Sentinel on IOS to Toy Soldiers on XBLA. The strategy of tower placement and holding back the enemy hordes has proven to be an addictive thrill and Creeper World 3 takes tower defense to new heights with a massive amount of content and imbuing the genre with aggressive offensive tactics.
Set eons into a future where the universe has been terrorized and ravaged in a struggle with the titular Creeper, you travel from system to system, clearing planets and unlocking new weapons and equipment. The campaign is massive, divided between three different modes with more to come, and user-generated content with strong community support.
On each map, you face the Creeper threat: a liquid menace that flows across the landscape and destroys everything it touches. The only way to stop this enemy is to disable the emitters peppered across each map; this simple change shifts the whole focus from simple defense to going on the offensive. Set your base in a strategic location and build a network of reactors and energy collectors (but don't go overboard or you'll strain your ammo and power production). You'll need to set up a defensive fortifications, lest the Creeper flows in from an unprotected angle and ruins your plan, and then go on an aggressive offense. Set up beachheads with mortars and cannons, leapfrog your energy relays and guns, take back higher ground or terraform the area to build barriers and gain a height advantage. You can even build anti-Creeper turrets and remote drones for aerial assaults.
With each level, new map formations and dangers will test your strategic planning. Spores, asteroid-shattered worlds, overwhelming Creeper from all directions, and much more will offers a variety of challenge throughout the game's campaigns. Creeper World 3 provides an addictive mix of tactical defense and offensive strategies and hours of content. You can purchase the game now from the developer's site, GamersGate, and ShinyLoot; Creeper World 3 will be available on Desura on November 9th.

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