Sunday, November 3, 2013

IOS Spotlight #28: Beat Leap

Title: Beat Leap
Developer: weRplay
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: Free
Combine simple one-tap controls, minimalist visuals, music-based gameplay, and some stealth and puzzle elements and you'd get Beat Leap
Across 100 levels, you only have a simple goal: collect the gold hearts scattered across the screen and reach the red heart to finish the level. Tapping on the screen moves your little dot to the location, smashing through any walls in your way. Hazards abound, from lasers to various saw blades, and one hit kills. Those elements alone would make Beat Leap a fun game, but what makes it a challenge is that world moves to the music of the game's soundtrack. The screen flashes to the beat, and you must tap to the rhythm, or else you lose those precious gold hearts. Enemies move to the beat too and you only have a limited amount of time to complete each level. You can also break only through three blocks per level. All these factors turn Beat Leap from a simple avoidance game to something akin to a puzzle stealth game. You'll need to tactically position yourself to break as few blocks as possible, while avoiding the "enemy" patrols and always watching the clock, all while tapping to the rhythm.
Beat Leap isn't an easy game; it will challenge you with its mix of rhythm-based gameplay and tactical puzzle mechanics. And best of all the game is free, with no IAP; I've only experienced one ad in at least two or three hours of play and it wasn't obtrusive at all. You can download Beat Leap here, and more support will allow the developer to add new levels in the future.

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