Monday, November 11, 2013

IOS Spotlight #31: Cally's Caves

Title: Cally's Caves
Developer: Jordan Pearson
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: Free
Time and time again, we've seen games go unnoticed and overlooked and Cally's Cave is yet another fun hidden gem on the App Store. Look beyond its rough art style and animations and you'll find a great game with tons of weapons and excellent touch controls.

Cally's parents have been taken and the unexplored cave system outside her home filled with dangerous monsters. Our brave heroine must descend into this deadly world, armed with her sword and guns to rescue them. The story isn't more than a framing device for the platforming and monster killing, but it's fun and it works. The meat of the game is the gameplay, as it should be. Across sprawling levels, filled with coins, hidden chests, and enemies ranging from knife wielding bandits to slimes and bats, Cally will need to be fast on her feet and with her trigger finger to survive. Cally's Caves is free, but that doesn't mean freemium. Currency is earned extremely generously, and in no time, I had earned a coin doubler and unlocked a number of upgrades and weapons. Extra health, triple jumps, and many weapons from a trusty shotgun and assault rifle to a freeze rifle and laser turrets, you'll need all these skills and equipment to defeat the enemies and bosses within the caves.
Cally's Caves' rough drawn art style may not appeal to some, but I found the graphics quite charming and they definitely give the game a look all its own. Don't overlook Cally's Caves and its large levels, fun gameplay, and myriad guns. You can download the game for free.