Wednesday, November 13, 2013

IOS Spotlight #32: Commander Pixman

Title: Commander Pixman
Developer: One Minute Games
Platforms: IOS Univeral
Price: $1.99, lite version available
For the longest time, I've considered 14px to be the best Super Meat Boy-style game on IOS. But after discovering Commander Pixman a few days ago, I think I have to change that.
Pixman's retro graphics may be simple, but they have a nice charm and style to them. But you don't get this game for the visuals; you buy it for the gameplay and Commander Pixman does not disappoint. Over 130 levels await you and you will die many, many times before you reach the end of each. Each level may only take a few seconds, but it may take minutes to finally learn the best path and complete one. Timing, quick reflexes, and perfect precision is required to beat the three-star times and you can also earn a badge for killing all enemies. Yes, killing; you're not defenseless in Pixman, instead armed with a raygun to shoot down the numerous enemies found in each levels. Enemies aren't the only dangers; spikes, collapsing platforms, portals, turrets, mines, crushers, and more all wish to destroy your jetpack-equipped pixel man. And perhaps most rewarding are the replays, as you see all your attempts at once until one emerges victorious.
You can purchase Commander Pixman for $1.99 or try the first twenty levels in the lite version.

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