Saturday, November 23, 2013

PC Spotlight #53: The Ball

Title: The Ball
Developer: Teotl Studios
Platforms: PC
Price: $9.99
If I were to compare The Ball to film, I say it's a B-movie. It won't blow you a way with innovation, you won't be emotionally riveted by its story, but it's fun and entertaining and you get to steamroll undead Aztec creatures into bloody pulp with a giant ball.
Your character finds himself lost into the sprawling halls and trap-laden temples of an ancient ruin deep within a mountain. After only a few minutes, you find your only weapon: the Ball and the device that controls it. The titular Ball is an incredibly versatile tool. It acts as platform over spikes and other hazards, able to trip switches, a battering ram to smash through barriers. It can shield you from arrows and dangerous projectiles, move heavy obstacles, and when the otherworldly denizens of the ruins come for you, it becomes your instrument of destruction, crushing your enemies to bloody stains.
The Ball is a good six to seven hours of bloody puzzle solving and action, that's been expanded with free DLC (there's even a Portal crossover level!). It may not be the most immersive experience or the most engrossing narrative, but it's certainly gory fun. You can purchase The Ball from the developer's site, Steam, and other stores.

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