Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PC Spotlight #50: CoBots

Title: CoBots
Developer: Digital Tuna
Platforms: PC
Price: $5.99 (currently on sale for $4.79)
Co-operative games are nothing new. There have been dozens of co-op games over the last few years, but CoBots combines co-op gameplay with an interesting sci-fi setting and puzzles to solve..
Either solo or with a friend, you control two maintenance drones on a doomed space ship. What makes this co-op gameplay different is that the two drones are forever linked. Tethered to each other, you'll need to guide them through myriad hazards, ranging from crushing machinery and deadly gears, to maze-based puzzles. Working in tandem to operate switches and maneuver around the danger-filled ship. The art style and atmosphere of the ship made exploration and traversal interesting and fun, from the moving bowels of the ship's engines to the star lit exterior. While the game is best played co-operatively, you can also control both bots in single player and I found it actually played quite well as a solo experience.
CoBots may not be the most revolutionary experience, but it's a fun game, made better with a friend. You can purchase the game from the developer's site or Desura.

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