Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Money, No Problem: Path of Shadows

Title: Path of Shadows
Developer: 5 Students from IDEC
Platforms: PC
Of all the genres I've played, stealth is one of my favorites. There's just something so satisfying about out-thinking and out-maneuvering your enemies rather than using brute force, about moving through the darkness mere inches from unsuspecting foes. Path of Shadows offers a new take on the stealth genre by granting you dominion over the darkness itself.
Crafted over ten months and submitted for IGF 2014, Path of Shadows is fantasy stealth action: you play as a reincarnated warrior, given purpose and power by a dark deity. The game is merely a taste of what a potential full project would offer, but the thirty minutes of gameplay demonstrates a promising and fun foundation.
Your shadow- and sword-wielding warrior moves through a cel-shaded world. You're able to use special vision to see through walls and create distractions to divert patrols, but your most powerful ability is to manipulate shadows. You can teleport between shadows, create new shadows to hide, use the darkness to swallow up bodies, and even perform aerial attacks and dual kills with the shadows.
The current demo is essentially a proof of concept; the developers are hoping to find a developer or a source of funding to continue making the game. Be warned that since the game is early, it's not well optimized and may not run well on some computers. You can download Path of Shadows here.

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