Friday, November 15, 2013

PC Spotlight #47: Tetrobot & Co.

Title: Tetrobot & Co.
Developer: Swing Swing Submarine
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $11.99
Tetrobot & Co. takes the block-based puzzles and charm of Blocks That Matter and ups the challenge with new block types and new mechanics.
Unlike Blocks That Matter, Tetrobot is not a puzzle platformer. You won't be jumping over gaps or manipulating blocks to build platforms to climb. Tetrobot strips out the running and jumping, and puts the focus primarily on the puzzles. That's not a negative or a con; Tetrobot is a pure puzzle game. Across dozens of levels, you'll guide your little bot through the brain-teasing scenarios, collecting various block types to distribute elsewhere. From lasers to gates that only open to certain blocks, from having to build certain shapes or use blocks in unusual ways, the puzzles don't get old and remain challenging throughout. Replay value consists of collecting three circuitry parts in each level; obtaining pieces require the player to think outside the box, perhaps having to complete certain puzzles differently so they have blocks left over or having to use blocks in other rooms.  Clean colorful visuals and charming touches such as "Faceblox", the Facebook style pages which hint at each block's usage and function, round out the package.
Some may miss the puzzle platforming format seen in Block That Matter, but Tetrobot's puzzles are fun and challenging and offer hours of content. You can purchase the game from the developer's site and Steam.

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