Wednesday, November 13, 2013

IOS Spotlight #8: Stickman Downhill

Title: Stickman Downhill
Developer: Djinnworks
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $0.99
Developer Djinnworks is no stranger to IOS or stickman games. Their previous games  - Stick Stunt Biker, Line Runner 2, Stickman Base Jumper, and more - have all been well received but Stickman Downhill may be their best IOS game yet.
Each track is a downward rush through narrow tunnels, over boulders, and across massive jumps. The sense of speed is fantastic and you always feels like you're riding a thin line between crashing and maintaining control. The highlights - besides the hilariously ragdoll wipeouts - are the art style and physics. Each area has almost painted look that adds a sense of scale to the fast paced action. Each jump and landing feels like heavy and weighty; you can even see the bike's suspension reacting to the impact. 
For 0.99, Stickman Downhill offeres over 70 levels of downhill mayhem. While there is IAP to unlock bikes and tracks, you can just as easily unlock each level pack by just playing the game and most bikes by performing in-game tasks, so the IAP is only there for the impatient gamer. 

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