Saturday, November 9, 2013

PC Spotlight #45: Fjords

Title: Fjords
Developer: Kyle Reimergartin
Platforms: PC
Price: $7
Fjords is the kind of game that makes you pause for a second when you first see it. The retro style and abstract trailer don't easily provide a clear idea of what Fjords is. What it is a platformer where the world is at your command, able to be molded and manipulated to suit your needs,

You play a simple delivery man, tasked with bringing pizza to a group of scientists. Not so easy, when these scientists have destroyed the world, creating a glitched fractured landscape to traverse. You can move left and right and use a grapple hook to ascend; you're not able to jump. The world is completely open. There's no set paths and you can puzzle your way around obstacles using various methods. Now those methods are what sets Fjords apart from other retro-styled platformers; from a computer terminal, you're able to hack into the world and change its variables true or false. Choosing the best variables at the best time opens up a range of options. Waterfall false will disable the life-ending waterfalls that block your path, while bombs true cause you to leave explosives that blow through the levels, opening up new paths. Warp around the levels, materialize boats to cross expanses of water, fast-travel between different hubs, and more. The world is at your fingertips.
Fjords isn't the prettiest game or the longest and the graphics and gameplay may not appeal to everyone, but it's certainly different, innovative, and fun. You can purchase Fjords here.

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