Thursday, November 7, 2013

PC Spotlight #44: Outlast

Title: Outlast
Developer: Red Barrels
Platforms: PC
Price: $19.99
It started with the Penumbra series and grew more prominent with games such as Amnesia and Slender: survival horror games with a focus on helplessness and avoidance rather than combat. The most recent game in this burgeoning genre is Outlast.
In Outlast, you play journalist Miles Upshur on his journey deep into the Mount Massive Asylum...a journey he'll soon regret. It doesn't take long for what started as a simple trip to investigate the secrets within becomes a struggle for survival in the dark corpse-littered halls. You'll explore the asylum from its ravaged lobby to the blood splattered cells to the water-logged depths and beyond; you won't be alone. Raving psychopaths and other...things lurk in the darkness, and they all want to do horrific, horrible things to Miles
If there's one thing that Outlast excels at, it's immersion. You're not simply guiding Miles through Mount Massive; you are Miles. The first person perspective puts you in his shoes, as you huddle under a bed to hide from a bloody lunatic, as you race down halls in sheer panic, glancing over your shoulder for a glimpse at the enemy at your heels, as you slam doors shut in a mad rush to gain a second more to hide, as you peer out a locker as...something lurks outside, hunting you. You won't find any guns here, any weapons to equip; you're armed with your camera and its night vision and all you can do is run. The night vision filter is pretty brilliant; turning any room with an eerie unsettling space and bringing to mind the tense scenes from found-footage movies like Quarantine and Blair Witch.
Outlast isn't the longest game, but it's always atmospheric, and always scary. Play this at night, with the lights off, and prepare for one hell of a night. You can purchase Outlast on the developer's site, Steam, and other sites, and the game is also coming to PS4.

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