Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IOS Spotlight #33: Crowman & Wolfboy

Title: Crowman & Wolfboy
Developer: Wither Studios
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99
Crowman & Wolfboy combine the auto-running platformer with precision challenge and a unique art style.
The titular characters are disillusioned with their evil ways and leave their villainous life behind, but the darkness from which they spawned won't let them go that easily. With the thrashing, gnashing shadows forever encroaching, you must navigate expansive gaps and dangerous hazards like saw blades, deadly thorn bushes, and more, collecting light orbs along the way. Your duo automatically runs; you control when they jump and can swipe to change direction. The game is very challenging, with precise timing needed to avoid obstacles and stay one step ahead of the darkness pursuing you across 30 levels.
The monochrome art style and animations gives Crowman & Wolfboy tons of charm and personality. Your two characters work in tandem; swiping to jump will have Crowman flapping upwards while holding Wolfboy in his talons while wall-running will see Wolfboy scaling the surface with his companion on his back. You can purchase Crownman & Wolfboy for $1.99

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