Friday, November 8, 2013

Quick Fix: Kickstarters & New Steam Releases Galore!

Some promising Kickstarters that deserve your attention
Explore a steampunk world, engage in airship combat or fight up close with a variety of guns and gear, and battle sky whales, krakens, and more

A "Stealth Puzzle Action RPG", where you control an alien subject trying to escape the Metroidvania-style levels of a secret government facility

A co-op Contra-style action shooter, with physics-based destruction, over-the-top chaos, and even crazier vehicles

An atmospheric isometric adventure game, with the gritty industrial sci-fi horror tone of Alien, Event Horizon, and Sunshine

Exciting New Releases
I know a lot of indie gamers prefer Steam over other stores, so here's a trio of excellent games that just released:

Risk of Rain - A hard-as-nails sci-fi action roguelike, with multiple characters to choose from, tons of items to stack, and hordes of enemies that want to destroy you
Project Zomboid - Isometric survival in the zombie apocalypse is now available on Steam Early Access
Survivor Squad - If isometric action isn't your style, you can kill zombies from a top-down view and tactical gameplay

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