Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Watchlist: Confederate Express

Title: Confederate Express
Developer: Kilobite
Platforms: PC (possibly Mac, Linux)
Releasing 2014, on Kickstarter
Confederate Express is all about exploration, fighting enemies, and making your way towards the main goal: trying to survive while delivering a package. Packages vary by size, weight and fragility; which makes every delivery a unique experience, ranging from a quick 15-minute tasks, all the way to a challenging journey throughout various events and locations. The more difficult the delivery, the greater the rewards: mercenaries, gear, weapons and ultimately - greater challenges.
We've seen zombies invade a lot of genres. First person action, arcade shooters, survival horror, and countless others. But Confederate Express hopes to innovate the genre by mixing gory zombie mayhem with the open-world tactical RPG (with a dash of roguelike elements on the side).
Set in a wartorn future where technology gone wrong has led to the undead roaming the land and various factions fight for supremacy and survival, you play a simple delivery man. It's a delivery service staffed by convicts and armed to the teeth, but a delivery service nonetheless. Tasked with escorting important packages across this hostile world, you'll need to hire the best crew, assemble the best weapons, customize your vehicle with best parts, and choose the optimal route. Each delivery, an infinite world is procedurally generated; you plan your route across a sector-based overworld map and each sector is a level with enemies, loot, and random events. But plan wisely and try cautiously, because the threat of permadeath will always be looming on the horizon.
Your crew will level up as you complete jobs, increasing skills such as leadership and marksmanship, and unlocking new items, weapons, and even implants like bionic and weaponized limbs to equip. And you'll need all the gear you can get because zombies aren't the only threat; rebels, Confederation troops, and automated machines will also test your skills and tactical prowess (the action is real-time, with the ability to pause and issue commands).
Condederate Express is planned to be released in 2014, and is currently on Kickstarter; it's already been funded and now hoping to achieve stretch goals, which include additions such as destructible environments, XCOM-style base management, playable mechs, other playable factions, and multiplayer. You can support Confederate Express here.

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