Tuesday, October 8, 2013

IOS Spotlight #14: Project '88

Title: Project '88
Developer: Routa Games
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $2.99
The title Project '88 reveals about this recently released IOS game than you might think. The developers hoped to create an experience of "fast paced minimal action games" common throughout the eighties and while the game may not revolutionize the genre, it certainly is fun, fast, and challenging.

Project '88 could probably best described as Super Hexagon by way of Impossible Road. You control your fragile craft down a procedurally generated Mobius Strip-esque lane, rotating left and right to stay on the track and tapping both sides to flip to. Obstacles, gaps, split tracks, inverted sections, as well just the inherent difficulty of remaining on the winding track makes '88 a challenging game and that's only the easy '2012' difficulty. Three more difficulty levels await: 2000 (Hard), 1988 (Extreme), and a locked fourth difficulty. Achievements and leaderboards add replay value and of course, like the best games in the genre, an instant restart helps foster that "one more go" appeal.
You can purchase Project '88 for $2.99 here.

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