Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Watchlist: Don't Shoot Yourself!

Title: Don't Shoot Yourself!
Developer: Ayopa Games
Platforms: IOS Universal
Releasing November 13th
Your bullets are your worst enemy in Don’t Shoot Yourself!, the addictive and unique new puzzle shoot-’em-up for iOS devices. Use one finger to move the hero around the screen while constantly firing bullets, avoiding your deadly ammunition to stay alive! Sounds easy right? Thing again – you’ll need quick reflexes and some creative strategy to reach the next fiendishly designed level.

Bullet hell shooters have seen many iterations on IOS, from Phoenix HD to the music-generated Beat Hazard. Don't Shoot Yourself! plans to stand out by mixing puzzle elements and minmalist visuals with the usual bullet dodging gameplay. In this game, you don't have to worry about enemy ships attacking; the levels themselves are your enemies. You fire bullets continuously as you move and must avoid your own ammunition across a variety of levels. While some walls simply richochet your bullets around, others have more devious functions, such as following your ship or turning your bullets into homing seekers. Beside a campaign, Don't Shoot Yourself! will feature an endless mode, leaderboards, and video recording/sharing.
You can play Don't Shoot Yourself! when it releases mid-November.

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