Wednesday, October 16, 2013

IOS Spotlight #20: I Am Box

Title: I Am Box
Developer: Jan Ivanecky
Platforms: iPhone
Price: Free
Another day, another hidden gem found! I Am Box was released about a month ago and subsequently overlooked and buried in the usual landslide of apps and games. Which is unfortunately, because I Am Box is a fun challenging game worth your time.
The game is simple, very simple. You rotate your square clockwise or counter-clockwise by holding either side of the screen. Colored triangles close in from various angles, each corresponding to a specific side of your square. You must orient your square so the triangle connects with the correctly-colored side. Simple controls, simple objective, can't be that hard? But I Am Box's colorful minimalist design hides its true form: a twitchy reflex testing action game that throws these kinds of challenges at you:
Like in Super Hexagon, Pivvot, Duet, Impossible Road, your initial attempts won't last more than a few seconds. I've barely lasted thirty. And like those games, failure merits an instant restart and throws you right back into the fast paced action. I Am Box challenges you to study what's coming and react in mere moments and the result is a fun stylish game that you should definitely try.

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