Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Watchlist: Seaworthy

Title: Seaworthy
Developer: Mildly Competent Games
Platforms: PC
In development
A real time strategy roguelike pirate adventure ship simulator featuring brutal 16bit inspired graphics and an insane amount of replayability.
The fantasy of being a pirate, of dangerous voyages and daring escapes and incredible riches among the Caribbean isles and inlets, has captured imaginations the world over for decades. As seen in classics like Treasure Island to Peter Pan, recent media like Pirates of the Carribbean and Black Sails, games such as Pixel Piracy and Assassin's Creed 4, it's a period and setting ripe for adventure and action. Mildly Competent Games' upcoming Seaworthy places you at the captain's helm in your own pirate fantasy, in a game that combines the tactical command popularized by FTL and the expansive world and text encounters of games like King of Dragon Pass.
Set on a randomly generated sea where magic, the undead, and other beasts lurk alongside privateers and rival ships, Seaworthy doesn't sugarcoat the harsh brutalilty of life as a pirate. As seen in the GIFs and trailer, blood flows frequently, as limbs are amputated, cannon fire tears through wood and flesh, sailors plummet from the masts above, and sickness ravages your crew. Plague, starvation, storms, diseases, mutinies are threats you must face and manage. Thanks to visual novel-style text encounters, Seaworthy can offer a vast range of scenarios and situations, from taking prisoners and exploring uncharted islands to encountering a Kraken or navigating government-controlled waters. Your choices and decision in these situations affect your crew as well; keep them happy and you'll stave off internal threats as well as see you're officers improve and learn new skills. Only mutiny awaits a poor captain and his reckless foolish decisions
However your skills as a captain will be tested in more than just exploration and managing random encounters. As commander of a pirate ship, you'll have to fight rival ships, privateers, government vessels, and other dangers. It's with these scenarios that Seaworthy leaves the text behind and thrusts you into RTS-style command of your ship. These hectic fights are brought to vivid life through the game's animations and art style. Firing cannon means ordering your men to that room and having them load and ready the weapon. Injured crew can be sent to a surgeon to restore their health, by amputating the damaged limb and replacing it with a wooden substitute. A leak from a projectile is dealt with by having crew patch the hole and then remove the water with a bilge pump. Besides ship-to-ship combat, you'll also be able to board ships and fight your enemies in close quarters.

Seaworthy is still early in development, with a Kickstarter planned for August or September. You can learn more about Seaworthy on its site and the developer's Twitter page.

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