Monday, July 7, 2014

The Watchlist: Hardline Gunner

Title: Hardline Gunner
Developer: Lazorun
Platforms: PC
In development
A super hard minimalistic arcade top-down shooter
On Lazorun's site, Hardline Gunner is proclaimed to be "pretty damn hard like the good old days." And I'd have to agree, that's a pretty accurate description of the experience you'll find while playing this fast and furious top down bullet hell shooter. 
Hardline Gunner may sport a minimalist style, but the action in the game's alpha demo is anything but. Each level offers a new challenge, from tight cramped corridors to open areas with bosses firing insane amount of projectiles to special tiles that boost you forward or slow your movement. Your small square is agile and fast, able to dash around, and quickly maneuver between bullets and missiles. Crates drop health and special weapons like homing rockets and spread shots, allowing you to change up your arsenal at the most opportune moment. However your most important skill is the ability to deflect bullets; with the right timing, you can send projectiles back at enemies and enjoy a few moments of invincibility. Deflect bullets becomes invaluable as the action grows more hectic and you need to break through the hailstorm of projectiles for a better position.
Hardline Gunner is still in alpha; the developer is currently changing the flat 2D look to a 3D style with more depth, and as well as implementing other improvements such as slow motion when health is low. You can download the alpha demo here.

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