Tuesday, July 1, 2014

IOS Spotlight #75: super ccatch

Title: super ccatch
Developer: Eduard Anton
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99 (currently on sale for $0.99)
Another week, another minimalist twitch game. And that's not a bad thing; I love the genre and the varied games it offers. super ccatch is my newest addiction, thanks to its great soundtrack and hectic gameplay.
The IOS version of Anton's original browser game, super ccatch feels right at home on mobile. Your goal is drag your platform across the screen to catch like-colored shapes while evading shapes of different colors. This task starts out simple enough, but soon that beginning sprinkle becomes a geometric deluge, as shapes pour down from above. It's at the moment that super ccatch sunk its hooks into me, delivering a lightning-fast challenge as you weave between shapes to intercept the ones you want, with mere moments to react. As you catch shapes, the screens fills up, reducing the space and time you have to maneuver. Catch the wrong shape and your platform switches to that shape's color, forcing you to adapt in an instant. It's just an addictive frantic experience, and the game's minimalist style keeps the screen uncluttered from any distractions. The touch controls are responsive; your reactions may fail you, not the controls.
super ccatch delivers a fun frantic high-scoring experience, bolstered by a slick minimalist presentation and an awesome chiptune soundtrack. You can purchase the game here.

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