Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quick Fix: Learn about the DigiPen Foundation Studio, playtest student projects

Regular readers here know the respect I have for the hard working students over at DigiPen. They have produced some of the most innovative and interesting games I've played, and their talent has shaped experiences such as the Portal franchise, Distance, Heart & Slash, Four Sided Fantasy, and more. Through the DigiPen Foundation Studio, you can support these students and help them refine and improve their games.

What is the DigiPen Foundation Studio?
The DigiPen Foundation Studio is a fund raising campaign that provides donors with an opportunity to become part of the game development process. The "Studio" presents a selection of student projects that are currently in development at DigiPen. The student teams involved with the Studio agree to offer participation opportunities to donors such as play testing and giving feedback on the current versions of top student games. All play testers will be listed on the game credits in the final version of the game.
From now until the end of July, you can donate to raise scholarship funds for DigiPen students; donations of $10 or more will grant you the opportunity to play-test selected student projects and be listed as game testers in the credits. The six projects include:

  • Subray - Explore and survive an atmospheric otherworldly ocean
  • Chained - A puzzle platformer through a dreary ruined landscape
  • Arc - High-speed split-screen racing across alien environments
  • Coffee Break - Hectic brawler with jetpacks and wacky weaponry
  • Plume - Competitive multiplayer with powerful magical abilities
  • Ping - Survival horror where you use sonar to navigate and avoid a relentless creature
You can learn more about this program, the student projects, and submit your donations here.

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