Monday, July 14, 2014

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 7/12

The Sun Also Rises
Developer: Horse Volume
Through much research we are creating a different kind of war game that aims to examine the realities of war from an authentic standpoint. Through interviews, we are exploring struggles of military life like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, connecting and communicating with people in other countries, military sexual assault and how victims are treated by the military system, and other stories that we gather from soldiers and veterans. In choosing the less-mentioned experiences of war, the soldiers and noncombatants can be humanized and understood by the player.
Official site here, Kickstarter soon

Developer: Candescent Games
Hardcore Platformer. No Jump Button.
Use the right control stick to fire rockets in any direction. Shoot rockets at your feet to blast upwards or shoot to the side to gain speed. Shoot everywhere. All the time. Infinite ammo for the win!
Official site here, already Greenlit

Developer: Onion Core
Bezel is our in-development 2d side scrolling action RPG inspired by the metroidvania formula, based in a fantasy world where gods fight for freedom and power. As a storm strucks a passenger ship, you find yourself on an uncharted island being ravaged by monsters and wild animals. As you pursue any ways of leaving this place, you find that is more than water that’s preventing your escape, as an ancient force, and destiny itself holds tight bonds between you, and the heart of the island.
Official site here

Developer: Kuchalu Ltd.
Open world survival horror game about a botanist, Dr. Peter Abbotsfield, in search of a mysterious plant which only grows in the vicinity of the cold icy environment he finds himself exploring. Equipped with only a VCR to document his findings, Peter will discover that not only does this mysterious plant exist and that it contains unparalleled, dangerous properties, but he is also not alone in his search.
Official site here

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