Thursday, July 10, 2014

PC Spotlight #101: Shadowcrypt

Title: Shadowcrypt
Developer: OneBitPunch
Platforms: PC
Price: $9.99
Many games have compared themselves to Dark Souls, but this is one of few game that I truly feel is worthy of the comparison. If I had to compare Shadowcrypt to something, I'd say it combines the sword/spear/shield precision combat of Volgarr with the unrelenting enemies and slower methodical pacing of Dark Souls. Yes, Shadowcrypt is that kind of game.
The game is hard. You only have a limited amount of heath points and only three lives. Shadowcrypt certainly doesn't compare or come close to Volgarr or Dark Souls in terms of visuals; the lighting is nice and atmospheric, but the catacombs and enemies can feel repetitive after a while. But the core of Shadowcrypt is its combat. You have everything from lurching undead to archers to shield wielding foes and magicial enemies. You can jump, strike high, strike low, shield bash, or switch to your limited spears for a long range attack. A simple moveset, from which a hard-as-nails games is crafted. This is no hack and slash. If you don't pay attention, you will die. If you rush, you will die. If you're not observing your enemy's movements, not focusing on whether to duck or step back or block or bash, you will die quickly. You'll find better weapons and shields along the way, as well as elemental magic that imbues your spears and sword with special abilities. But even with the best equipment, precision, timing, and focus are always your greatest allies
Shadowcrypt is unabashedly old school. There is no map. There is no handholding. The manual explains how weapons, magic, and loot, but you won't find these tips or even a tutorial in game. The combat is satisfyingly tough; it's the kind of game that expects you to learn on the go, in the midst of life-or-death struggle. If you're looking a challenge, a real challenge, Shadowcrypt delivers. Just don't expect an easy mode.

You can purchase Shadowcrypt on The game has already been Greenlit.

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