Sunday, July 6, 2014

IOS Spotlight #77: Causality

Title: Causality
Developer: unexpect3rd
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: Free
I discovered Causality last week, and unfortunately, it seems like another hidden gem has slipped through the porous cracks of the App Store. This is a quality puzzler with a hefty amount of levels and a wealth of interesting mechanics.
Casuality starts off simple enough. You're presented with a grid of two differently colored tiles. Tapping a tile swaps its color and the color of the tiles adjacent to it. Your goal is to make the entire grid one color and preferably with a limited number of taps. Through logic and planning, you can figure out which tiles to tap and in what order. But those are only the early levels. Soon, Causality begins layering on new mechanics, new twists on the rules and tiles every chapter. Linked tiles that swap with colors with each other across the grid. Tiles that only swap colors in specific directions. Tiles that disappear after use. Tiles that must be swapped a certain amount of times. Combine these added mechanics and the others that are introduced throughout Causality's 240 levels, and you have a fun puzzle game that's definitely not lacking in variety or challenge. The minimal design just adds to the great package.
Causality is worth checking out if you're looking for a challenging puzzle game with a nice amount of content, interesting mechanics, and minimalist style. The game is extremely generous; you get 120 levels for free, the rest available with a single $1.99 purchase or unlocked in chunks by watching ads.

You can download Causality here.

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