Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Watchlist: Galactic Keep

Title: Galactic Keep Dice Battles
Developer: Gilded Skull Games
Platforms: IOS Universal
In development
Galactic Keep Dice battles is a sci-fi tabletop styled RPG for IOS! Roll a die to move, explore maps, and battle enemies in a stylistically unique and hand-drawn world

As stated in the description, Galactic Keep is an expansive sci-fi turn-based RPG, modeled after boardgames. Rolling a dice provides a number which indicates how many spaces you can move, the strength of your attacks, and so on. I was lucky enough to get into early alpha testing, but given the story-driven nature of the game, it's best to experience it first for yourself, so I'll remain vague about specific elements.
The game is just brimming with atmosphere, deep mechanics and customization, and fantastic writing. The game is so well written, bringing the environments, exotic creatures and weapons, even the items you find to life with vivid descriptions, and the excellent sound effects only add to the immersion. The turn-based combat is tactical and challenging, with myriad weapons and items to use, offering a diverse array of strategies to defeat your enemies. The presentation is fantastic, and the game controls effortlessly, just perfectly designed for mobile. You choose from a collection of varied characters, explore enemy-filled levels, find new weapons and items, learn new special abilities, and complete quests. I can't believe the game is still early in development; it's just an incredibly polished experience
Even at this early stage, Galactic Keep has wonderful art, fun combat, a compelling story, and is just a polished well-designed game that draws you into its world and gameplay. I'm eager to see how the game progresses in the future. You can learn about Galactic Keep here.

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