Friday, July 4, 2014

No Money, No Problem: Epic Flail

Title: Epic Flail
Developer: Spacenoize
Platforms: Browser
Epic Flail is still only in alpha, but it takes a simple mechanic and turns brutal gladiatorial combat into gory twitchy fun.
It's the kind of simple but addictive games that I love and one of the few gladiator games on PC that I can think of. In terms of controls, Epic Flail is quite minimal. Using the arrow keys, you aim the direction of your dash and a button press sends you slashing in that direction. An enemy in your path? Heads will roll and bodies will get bisected. The flying blood and body parts, accompanied by a few moments of slow-mo, makes each kill very satisfying. The simple controls turn the arena combat into twitchy mid-air chaos, as your enemies become more challenging, with armor and shields and various weapons. The game has a really cool lives system, where you collect armor and weapons that you've knocked off of enemies. It's fun and fast and there's also a special arena mode to unlock.
The developer plans to expand Epic Flail with bosses, a story, lots of physics-based contraptions, and more complex levels. You can play the game here.

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