Tuesday, July 29, 2014

IOS Review #82: LEX

Title: LEX
Developer: Simple Machine
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $0.99
Lex is a word game by way of the twitch reaction genre and like a lot of the games in that genre, it's relatively simple. But that simplicity works in Lex's favor, providing a fun visually-exciting experience that anyone can jump into and enjoy.
Lex is all about achieving a high score. Provided with an array of letters, you simply tap the designed letters to make words. Different letters have different point values depending on whether they're vowels or consonants. Creating a word increases your score multiplier. All that sounds straight forward and then Lex reveals its frantic panic-inducing side by introducing a countdown. Letter tiles fill up depending on their point value; lower values full up faster. If only one tile is completely filled, it's game over. Lex starts out sedate, but soon you'll find yourself racing to create a word on the verge of defeat, desperately thinking of a way to clear out letters.
Any impression of Lex would be lacking without a mention of the audiovisual presentation. A colorful minimal UI opens up to a vibrant kaleidoscopic display of letters as you form words, all while a great soundtrack drives the action and adds to the urgency as your timers run out. Lex's style turns what was already a fun twitchy word game into something artistic and visually compelling. You can purchase Lex for $0.99.

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