Friday, July 25, 2014

IOS Review #81: Marble Drop

Title: Marble Drop
Developer: Matthew Arbesfeld
Platforms: IOS Universal, Android
Price: Free
I learned about Marble Drop earlier today thanks to an email from the developers. The origins of the game quickly raised my expectations for the experience. Marble Drop was the top prize winner of the MIT Student IOS Game Competition, but don't worry. You don't need Ivy League intellect to enjoy this polished physics puzzler.
It only took seven levels for me to see that this was one quality puzzle game and the levels that followed only confirmed that assessment. Marble Drop is a wonderful case of easy to play, challenging to master. Gameplay wise, the game is quite simple. You only need to drag colored marbles to funnels so that they land in like-colored cups. But the developers waste no time layering on new mechanics that turn a simple concept into something much more complex. From tiles that change your marble's colors, mixers that let you combine two marbles to make a new color, and stacked cups that must be filled in proper color order, to more exotic elements like explosives, cannons, switches, and changing gravity, Marble Drop reveals itself to be a tricky challenging physics puzzle game. The charming art style only adds to the overall polish and presentation
Marble Drop combines simple controls with a diverse variety of challenges and mechanics to deliver a finely crafted puzzle game. The game is free to download; IAP lets you remove ads and purchase coins to unlock hints and special marbles.

You can download Marble Drop here.

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