Monday, August 4, 2014

Quick Fix: Learn about promising indie games at the r/gamedev Quarterly Showcase!

About five months ago, the first Showcase Thread was launched on Reddit and it was a big success, with many developers participating. I really enjoyed that thread; I learned about games like Nothing To Hide and Gamma Void, and had some great informative chats with developers. So it was quite disappointing to me to see the number of comments dwindle with each subsequent Showcase and then the lack of Showcase threads all together.
I feel it's important to give these hard working developers and their projects the exposure and attention they deserve. That's why I've revived the Showcase, so developers can talk about their work and others learn about the many impressive experiences being crafted.
The Showcase is here, and lasts for the next 24 hours. Learn about cool and promising games, chat with developers, ask questions, leave comments. 

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