Thursday, August 21, 2014

Indie Game Enthusiast is one year old!

Well first before getting to anything else, I wanted to apologize for the long gaps between posts in recent weeks (and some long over-due articles if any developers are reading this). Between my recent vacation, preparing for my upcoming college semester, technical issues with my laptop, and some personal situations, I haven't had much time as I had hoped to play some games. But I plan to get back on track this weekend and the upcoming week so expect more regular articles soon.

Okay, on to the good news: Indie Game Enthusiast is one year old today! A year ago, August 21st 2013, I posted my first article: Welcome to Indie Game Enthusiast. Since then I've written about 106 PC games, 83 IOS games, as well as numerous upcoming games, free games, and interviews. Honestly I never expected much when I started IGE, sure as hell didn't expect I'd have many followers on Twitter, or get many views. And yet last month was the best yet in terms of page views, especially thanks to a totally unexpected shoutout on Rock Paper Shotgun. I've talked with great developers and learned about so many interesting games.

But I don't write for page views. Page views are nice and always appreciated, but I started IGE to help indie developers, to spread the word about games that deserve far more attention and exposure than they receive. It's a passion for me, and it's a pleasure to see responses like these:

- "You're an indie game dev's fantasy come true“

- “Thanks for the support and spreading the word...Not just for Claire, but all indie games. You bring light to a lot of cool stuff."

- "It's inspiring to see someone who truly loves what they do and who takes such an active role in building the indie community."

- "Indie Game Enthusiast is a good blog to follow if you’re looking for new reasons to care"

So to those who read my blog or follow me on Twitter;
To the developers who have reached out to me, who have chatted with me on social media and email;
To the developers who post on TIGForum and NeoGAF and Reddit and Screenshot Saturday and Toucharcade and various other forums, who share their hard work and the progress of their incredible projects, and never cease to amaze me with their diversity, originality, artistry, and just sheer fun;
To the friends who encourage me and send me tips about cool games;

Thank you for an awesome first year for IGE. I really appreciate it.

If you wanted to follow me elsewhere or want to chat, I'm very active on NeoGAF (More_Badass), and post regularly on Reddit (Bronxsta) and TIGForum (Christian). I also started as a freelance writer for the mobile gaming-centric site Game Mob, which has been a great experience so far and granted me an louder voice and greater reach to spread the word about IOS indies.

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