Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Short Hiatus

Being only one guy, maintaining this blog has been tough but rewarding. Supporting developers, shining light on promising games that might go otherwise unnoticed, it's the reason why I started Indie Game Enthusiast and continue to spread the word on indie games. 33,000 views since its inception, 7,000 views in January (my best month yet), a growing following on Twitter; I don't know how those numbers compare to other sites and blogs, but it's a great personal success for me and knowing that people read these previews, impressions, opinion pieces, interviews, is what drives me to continue this work. So thank you for your continued support, I appreciate it.

However, I'm also a college student and school comes first. So I'm taking a short break from my blog until the end of March. March 22nd to be specific, the start of Spring Break. I might post a few Quick Fix articles now and then, and I'll be active on Twitter, Reddit, NeoGAF, TIGForums, and Toucharcade. Forum posts and Tweets are quick and simple, but I don't have the time to dedicate to reviews and previews at the moment. Again, thank you for your support, watch my Twitter for news and info on cool indies and promising Kickstarters, and I'll be back in March with more indie coverage.

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